Claudia Lopez Rhea Photography

Sparkling Waves

It rained the entire day, but I couldn't resist going outside to take photos of some sparkling pansies.

Beautiful Suspension

I've been taking pictures of waterdrops for a while, but I will never grow be tired of their unpretentious, exciting beauty.

Tenderly Held (Abrazada con Ternura)

Uncomplicated Beauty

This is my first waterdrop taken with my new beautiful Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro lens. I absolutely love this lens. It's clarity and grace will make any macro photographer fall in love with it!


Waterdrop on top of a pink tulip petal.

Adios Nonino

I have been looking for the perfect caption for this photo... you know how it is. :)    I was listening to one of my favorite songs the other day from the magnificent Astor Piazzolla called "Adios Nonino". It got me inspired yet again and that at that moment I thought that song name would be the perfect caption for this photo. I think the song conveys a very beautiful, profoundly deep emotion of sadness but at the same time  gives the listener a deep sense of love and passion. I know this photo doesn't do the song justice, but it is my very humble way of thanking him and of honoring his absolute brilliance and virtuosity!

Beauty in yellow after the rain

What makes Ginkgo leaves so fascinating and special is that they are living fossils, recognizably similar to fossils dating back 270 million years. Any nature photographer would fall in love with these gorgeous leaves, their beautiful fan shape, their veins radiating out into the leaf blade and their magnificent yellow tones.